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I am a new media artist, researcher, and educator, based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Essentially working through bridging technology and contemporary memories of cultural heritage, my work deals with the historical and post-modern, social and cultural contradictions we face every day. Using found symbols and tools made readily available by the cultural research and combined by technological advances, as well as drawing from a unique sensibility influenced by participation in social media communities and artificial intelligence, my practice explores the diverging methods of culture consuming by both notions of online and offline. Technology as a philosophical toolset to reflect on symbols and ornaments, the poetic means to document our personal and collective lives and struggles to save history in the 21st century.

My works on new media art expand on public installations, which reveals possibilities to create and/or influence the communication between technology, human and art. The intersection of public, culture and the STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – serves as a point of departure for the installations. They take the form of public and interactive art, by introducing an emphasis on new media installations in relation to the embroideries’ heritage of Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Often employing ambiguity and playfulness, my works revisit our contemporary relationship to technology and internet aesthetics; interrogating and intervening in the circulation of historical everyday symbols and ideas, philosophy and value in our everyday lives. I aim to produce a dialogue of utopian and dystopian, automation, surveillance, and digitization of post-modernism in arts and culture, which are also the themes that arise through my critical examination of cultural heritage and contemporary technologies.

2019: The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
2019: Carpet Museum. Baku, Azerbaijan
2018: Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Baku, Azerbaijan

2019 Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennial. Moscow, Russia
2019 Lunchmeat Festival. Prague, Czech Republic.
2019 Nasimi Festival. Baku, Azerbaijan
2019 Venice Biennale Arte, National Pavilion. Venice, Italy.
2018 Nasimi Festival, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2018 Gamma Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2017 IF Istanbul, AFM International Independent Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.
2017 Accu Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
2017 Intervals Festival, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
2017 Lunchmeat Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
2017 Dave Festival, Dresden, Germany.
2016 Signal Festival (BYOB), Prague.CZ
2016 Signal Festival (Mosaik), Prague.CZ