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The idea of saving Aesthetic Moscow Biennale 2019

The idea of saving Aesthetic
Moscow Biennale 2019

Historically, carpets play a significant role in forming of Azerbaijan’s heritage and aesthetics. Different carpet schools share the same ornamental forms, such as geometric patterns, floral motifs, and calligraphic shapes, but some of the combinations are specific to certain regions.

Today, a word ‘pattern’ is often associated with machine algorithms that recognize regularities in data. Orkhan and his team designed an AI algorithm to analyze carpet designs and traditional ornaments. After processing the collected data, the neural network system is producing imaginary patterns that could have been Azerbaijani or similar, but all of them never really existed. 


The work poses questions about innovation and identity: how an entity must differ from the known to be considered original? How much should be identical to a collected “pre-set” for it to have kinship? 

The installation The Idea of Saving Aesthetics explores data as a fruitful and yet thoroughly problematic resource for artistic inspiration in the turbulent epoch of global nomadism, uneven cultural diffusion, and rising nationalist movements.

Artist: Orkhan Mammadov
Curated by: Emin Mammadov