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X01 / intervals festival 2017, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

‘You are X (x amplituhedron)’ is an audiovisual installation by Orkhan Mammad. He has designed inspired by number four (4) and its relation with ‘X’ (the unknown, conscious, observer) that numerologicaly appears to us whilst understanding of the cosmic order we take place in, it divides the area it has been mounted on to four sections when looked from above. Four basic forces (4 fundamental forces), sometimes four elements (air-water-earth-fire) that dictate the dynamics of the planet, or four bases that constitute the written DNA molecule of our genetic codes, are divided equally and symmetrically in the arms of X, (Thymine, adenosine, guanine, cytosine). X represents the human consciousness that transforms itself into an experience of existence, the cosmic observer with a different expression. The same equation is found in the installation, and the actual reality that comes from four basic elements (space-time-light-sound) needs a main factor to complement it. This is the person who visits the installation in the festival area and turns it into his own ostentatious experience. Each observer, each X exposes an independent relationship with these four elements, and also affects the result that will emerge when this process is included in its own unknown.